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Today is Saturday, May 23, 2015.  

Advanced Placement – Only 1% of the high schools in the nation have equity in their Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate programs.  Antelope, Oakmont, and Granite Bay recently joined this group in the spring with their signups for classes for next year. Woodcreek is only a handful of kids away and Roseville is very close.  Eddie Lincoln, our consultant from Equal Opportunity Schools, lauded each of the sites counseling teams for their work and said the team at Antelope is the finest he has seen in the entire country!  For too many years, schools have focused on equity at the basic level of high school graduation.  Real equity is achieved when every student has access to the highest levels of the curriculum, and a real chance to chase the American dream.

Antelope High School Counseling Staff

I am always struck by the history at Roseville High School that is apparent when they have their senior Academic Merit Awards.  They award a ton of local scholarships. This is the product of a school that has been a vital part of the community for over 100 years, and the pride former graduates have in their school.  Valedictorian Elizabeth Morin is headed to Harvard.  Salutatorian Robbie Short is going to Yale!  Not a bad year for the Tigers!

Left Photo: Principal David Byrd and Robbie Short. Right Photo: Principal David Byrd and Elizabeth Morin

If you love the arts, this is an amazing time of year.  Each of our schools spring music, dance and art exhibitions are not only entertaining, they reveal the incredible creativity that exists in our community.  The arts are certainly alive in Roseville!

Roseville 2015- Leadership Guru Seth Mattison delivered the keynote address at Roseville 2015, a business showcase for the region.  He talked eloquently about the collision that is occurring in most organizations today as Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who grew up in a hierarchical world are confronted with the millennial generation who view the world as this interconnected network.  Our schools face this same challenge with a generation of students who can access any bit of knowledge they want in a nano second on their device, and who communicate with the whole world on social media.  They enter classrooms and schools where the hierarchy and the transmission of knowledge follow years of unwritten rules.  We are going to have to examine  some of our traditional structures moving forward.  Watch video.